Confusing Tech Buzz Words 2012

Do you really know what “The Cloud” means? What about “Big Data”?

The Global Language Monitor has released a list of the most confusing tech buzzwords of the decade, so far. The Cloud and Big Data top the list.

“High-tech terms have long spilled into popular culture,” says Paul JJ Payack, president of the Global Language Monitor. “To a large and growing extent, high-tech buzzwords are fueling the growth of English, which now serves as the Earth’s means of global communication.”

To make its list, the Global Language Monitor tracked word frequencies in print and electronic media, the blogosphere, databases and the Internet. Below you’ll find the complete list of most confusing tech buzzwords. Quiz your friends to see who can best — or worst — define them.

List of this year’s buzzwords:

Big Data
The Cloud
The Next Big Thing
Social Discovery
Web 2.0 (3.0, and so on)
Solid State
Solar Max

What tech buzzwords do you find the most confusing? Do you disagree with this list?


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