A Glorious Mess

A Glorious Mess

You are amazing. Well, okay, maybe not every day. Every day the wonder of you is amazing, but many days the wonder of you is buried beneath the rubble of a world gone mad. You were born into a glorious mess, and we all have become something of a glorious mess ourselves. And in the midst of our mess, God has a thing for us. He does not despise our humanity or despair over our condition as we sometimes do. He does not turn his face away from us in our failings or our self-centeredness, as we would like to. He is not surprised. He is aware that we are but dust and our feet are made of clay, and he has made arrangements for us to not stay that way. Let me say this truth again: you are loved.



Cytat – Brian Tracy

„You are a living magnet. What you attract into your life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts.” – Brian Tracy

Quote – Never give up on a dream


Dzisiaj cytat pewnego pana:

Quotation of Earl Nightingale

Quote – cytat

give up on sth – poddawać (się) w czyms

dream- marzenie, sen

because – przez, z powodu

just because – tylko dlatego, tylko z powodu że

accomplish – zakonczyc, ukończyc

the time it will take – czas jaki to zajmie(zabierze)

pass -mijać,przemijać, upływać

anyway – tak czy inaczej